Margo Orr, Certified Hypno Counselor 

AcuHealth Holistic Center

100 West Camden Avenue

Moorestown, NJ  08057


(609) 280-9308


Soaring Phoenix Hypnotherapy​


Many years ago I was cured of my claustrophobia through hypnosis.  Before hypnosis I was afraid to enter an elevator or to stand or walk in a crowd.  My life was very restrictive.  I did not know what to do.  My friend hypnotized me and I went back to a early memory of loss and restriction.  After seeing this, my life instantly changed; I no longer had panic attacks.  What a blessing I was given.

Years later I tried to quit smoking.   After many attempts to quit smoking, I pursued hypnosis.  Again, I was cured of my cigarette smoking habit.  This gave way to the idea of helping others with habits, stress, family and love relationships through hypnosis and workshops.  Through intensive training and ongoing specializations and techniques I have been able to help restore the gifts we all have within. 

Please contact me at (609) 280-9308 to discuss your way to freedom.