Past Life Experiences

The energy in Sedona, Arizona is incredible.

If you can visit this beautiful place, you will

enjoy the clean air and renew yourself in spirit.

Soar through your life with a little help.  As a certified hypno counselor I have been trained in many areas of hypnosis.  While working with you I want to help you reach your full potential. Our lives are so busy, tell me what you want to achieve.  What are your dreams?   We can explore this life and past lives to understand why you have blocks in your life.  Through hypnosis you are in complete control.  I am your guide to your inner being.  Your soul power will be revealed to elevate you to the next level.


My experience with Margo Orr as a hypnotherapist was simply awesome.  Margo is a treasure.  Her soothing, calm voice helped guide me towards my goal (in my case: writer’s block).  She helped me to discover more about my inner self and activate in me the desire and motivation to complete a major project. I always felt relaxed and refreshed after each session. 
Since I am a professional in the field, I can say that Margo is as good as the best of them. 

Thanks Margo.

              Larry Straus, Ph.D., Psychologist 


Margo is a pleasant , easy going, ethical woman in our community that people easily respond to as a Hypotherapist.  Her method is simple and effortlessly transformed to meet your needs.  By answering a few questions and following her guidance, in that soft sweet voice of hers your needs are met.

My desire to stop nightly eating while watching TV Stopped.  I have lost a few pounds in a short time and I am rid of that nasty habit.  I am very surprise with my good results.  I highly recommend her services to anyone to release whatever unwanted habits are stopping you from living a better life.

May God bless you for such a needed service.

Mia Kelly
Moorestown,  NJ 


Margo Orr, Certified Hypnotist

(609) 280-9308